Remarketing Solutions

When it comes to the IT and telecom hardware procurement process, companies have a wide variety of options to choose from. Organizational decision makers can elect to obtain totally new equipment, or they can opt for used or refurbished solutions. But, when your firm works with a trusted and certified provider like Chicago Tech, there is a third way: Remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is just like refurbishing - taking what was once old and decrepit and making it like new again - except that all equipment involved is already found internally. When you elect to go with Chicago Tech's remarketing services, our trained staff members will go ahead and refurbish all of the equipment your company always knows and loves, thus ensuring business continuity and optimal functionality for years to come. Refurbishing involves fixing up hardware, while remarketing is specifically in regard to refurbishing hardware already found at your place of business.

Benefits of Remarketing

By opting for Chicago Tech's remarketing service over other offerings, your business can expect to realize the following benefits:

  • Increased cost-effectiveness - One of the biggest variables affecting the total cost of ownership equation related to any piece of IT or telecom hardware is how long it will last. After all, cheap equipment is useless if it only lasts half or a third as long as a competitive product. With remarketing, you can quickly and easily extend the life of any critical component in your enterprise. Plus, all expert services offered by Chicago Tech are cost-competitive, ensuring that you get the full bang for your buck.
  • Environmentally friendly - Instead of throwing away equipment that can still prove useful, keep it running and ensure it avoids the landfill with remarketing from Chicago Tech. Plus, we guarantee that any hardware that cannot be repurposed will be properly disposed of per local and federal recycling guidelines.

  • Boosted employee morale - Workers are happiest when they thoroughly know and understand the IT systems they use every day, and remarketing ensures that employees have continued access to their favorite tools. Because of this familiarity, a remarketing investment can immediately pay dividends and yield a positive ROI.

Is Remarketing Right for Your Business?

Remarketing from Chicago Tech offers companies operating in just about every industry vertical enormous benefits, but like with everything else, it may or may not be the right IT hardware strategy for your organization and its unique needs. To learn more about remarketing and other critical elements to keep in mind when going through your telecom and IT procurement process, contact the trusted experts at Chicago Tech today. Our staff members have been assisting companies like yours for the past decade, and we can make sure that a remarketing plan goes off without a hitch and helps your organization compete and succeed for years to come.